At the ultimate brink of human existence are the strangling manipulation of uncontrollable habits, such as smoking, drunkenness, womanizing, gluttony, illicit sexiness, oral sex, masturbation, pornography,disdainful thinking, to mention a few.. It’s a little scentless, unobservable and covered up to those around you, but very deep within the dungeon of your emotions you are prisoner who yearns for emancipation.. you want to be free, but never getting the desired freedom.. HABITS ARE MORE LIKE COBWEBS, YOU GET TANGLED AT EACH ATTEMPT TO BE FREE.. it’s more like a ravaging battle between a divided you, YOUR BODY VERSUS YOUR MIND.. but at each encounter the body never ceases to conquer,, psychologically speaking,, THE BRAIN RESPONDS TO BODILY STIMULUS JUST AS THE BODY RESPOND TO ENVIRONMENTAL STIMULUS.. I’ve always wondered why even after mastering the bodily functions and ,the conditions that makes for vulnerability,people yet remains a habit slave.. There are two types of habits WANTED AND UNWANTED HABITS.. The distinguishing feature of unwanted habits is
that they come naturally, take little effort to develop, and
quickly gain a momentum of their own that is difficult to
offset.So, if unwanted habits are automatic, self-repeating and
unconscious, it follows then that the simple ingredient,
which must be present to overcome it is first of all STOP FIGHTING YOUR BODILY RESPONSE TO STIMULUS, INSTEAD REMOVE THE simple terms a stimulus is the impacts we get from the environment.. For instance, if you’re a sex addict, I think it’s particularly wrong for you to fight the feeling of sex, why not stop watching pornography, staring at nude pics, and listening to sex~stimulating musics,,,if you over time stay away from these stimulants, your body would lose its ability to arouse, since there’s nothing to trigger it.. Remember,, TO EVERY EFFECT THERE’S A CAUSE.. A secondary school friend who’s a drunker celebrated freedom when he decided separate himself from drinking associates and friends.. Another problem we often have is that, we have come to believe we can’t overcome these habits based on past defeats,, YOU MUST DO THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU CAN’T DO.. first of all agree that you have the decision to make, and the action to take~Be very precise about WHAT YOU WANT, before habits makes you WHAT YOU DON’T WANT…. In my next piece I would major on how habits can be over powered and lured out of your existence by simple steps…