My mum talked about one of her childhood companion, now a brand manager for a major consumer, product company here in Nigeria, who had a heartwarming love for another guy, next door, They had both loved each other, but never pleases each other, the lady felt the guy was just too uptight and unnecessarily entrenched with his work life, than being fully attentive to her love languages, whereas in the real sense this guy is worse than she thought.. But there is something very astonishing about this silly guy in question.. His lips are ever flickered by the flashes of these two words.. I’M SORRY.. prior to the recent accusations levelled against this guy, most people see his as unfair and selfish but yet this lady sees him as being caring and loving despite his flaws.. Just because he is ever ready to apologize for everything and anything done wrong, HIS SENSE OF APOLOGY VINDICATES HIM.. why not test your partner’s tendency to apologize. The problem is not with, committing an offense, everyone is bound to do that,, but how ready and immediate is he to apologize.. APOLOGY IS WHEN YOU CAN’T SURVIVE UNTIL YOU SAY I’M SORRY.. I once told my female friend whose attitude is quite unruly this statement.. The greatest right in the world is the right to be wrong.. It’s very dangerous to give your life away to a partner with an unforgiving spirit..remember.. It cost you nothing to be sorry until you discovered that you have lost your relationship and bruised your emotions .. Now to wrap up this article on relationships test I would give just two little ways to test your potential partner
(1) Implore him /her to tell you I’m sorry in advance for unforeseen offence….. His response goes a long way in whether he would apologize if he truly commit an offense later on… Ego and pride in the way..keep a watch

(2)stay away from friends who show apology with out corresponding action of sincerity.. THOSE WHO ARE TRULY SORRY,mostly don’t say I’m sorry, they express I’m sorry… At times they cry… Because they don’t want to lose a special YOU…

don’t take yourself cheap, never allow just any untested lover experiment with your heart.. You’re distinct and you deserve someone more distinct…images_7