My dad once told me of an intelligent rat whose sight is so magnificent, strength so rocky and craftiness good enough to sweepingly take away, the baits (in form of assorted meats) hung over the tip of the mechanical trap, placed just below the bumper of his vehicle.. My dad watched the rat, ate all the meat, waging its tail pleasurably. Two days later, the intelligent rat was found, lying dead at the hedge of the house. Conclusively ,my dad told me, in addition to the trap, he poisoned the BAITS.. lol.. The rat won at first but my dad won at last,, The same thing looks like what mostly plays out in human relationships.. YOU THINK YOU ARE DECEIVING A LADY, WHEREAS SHE’S DECEIVING YOU,,the rat thinks he’s intelligent and strong but my dad was wiser and stronger. You both are untruthful, you are nothing but friendly enemies, Who claims to be faithful and caring by giving mid night calls, buying gifts, engaging in pre marital sex, and the likes.. NOT EVERYONE WHO ACTS NICE, DESERVES YOUR ATTENTION..The reason being that there are more unreal and pretending folks out there, who will only enter into your life to disappoint you and BREAK YOUR FRAGILE HEART you want a relationship that gives you peace ? are you seeking happiness in dealing with others then start with a litmus test of friendship.. IF THEY CAN’T CONVINCE YOU, BEING ORDINARY FRIENDS, LET GO OF THEM.. When ever I tell female friends they are nothing but my ordinary friends most of them feel bad and broken,, I think such set of people don’t deserve getting into a relationship with me.. They are impatient and reactive.. LEARN not to release your heart too soon to anybody.. TEST THEM BEFORE EMBRACING THEM.. I will give another means of testing others that would help you ungag

(1) THEY MUST LOVE YOUR WEAKNESSES ~ true love is so insensitive to weakness, run away from people who only like you when you’re making it..

(2) THEY MUST SHARE THEIR STRENGTH WITH YOU ~true love is so connective with strength, stay with people who uses what they have to make you a better person.. NOT NECESSARILY MONEY..

SORRY ~ the conclusive part of this article is under waySnap-E-Mouse-Trap-150x114