The truest form of appreciation in life, is often found in the treasury arena of TEST.. if you appreciate me without testing my competence you have only, made the last thing the first, and made the first thing the last..EVERYTHING IN LIFE IS TESTABLE BEFORE APPRECIABLE.. I had noticed a generalized trend in the manner and way people give credit and kudos to specific politicians for their community development projects, political accomplishment and personal integrity whereas this politician do not in any way worth so much as they have been celebrated of.. in fact when we closely associate ourselves with them personally we would finely discover that, most of them are humanistic animals, I mean animals clothed in the garment of humans.. learn to particularly put everyone to real test before making conclusions about them.. IF YOU JUDGE THE SIZE OF THE MOON FROM HOW IT LOOKS LIKE FROM HERE, YOU WOULD MISS IT.. and that’s why assumption are just like mere perception of everything directly based on the resource information available to you at that time…MANY OF LOVERS ARE SHADOWS OF THEMSELVES.. the handsome looking guy might not be as good as you think, why not test his loyalty to you.. in getting for your self a lover to share a relationship that will define safe haven and not hell’s coven, you must allow it for a tested persons.. THE REASON WHY THEY JILT ON YOU IS BECAUSE THEY WERE UNTESTED..I have always heard people say that some people are so cunning and smart, and can never be truly gotten.. well I think that is only true if the other party is allowing his smartness for an expression.. here are three ways of testing the character and identity of individuals
(1) focus on what they MOSTLY SAY AND MOSTLY DO.. if your lover over ~talk sex, there’s a big danger up front.

(2) try to study their reaction towards TAKING RESPONSIBILITY for your sake.. .a lover that’s not ready to suffer with you isn’t worth it.. forget him or her

(3) how much time is this lover willing to spend with you in the public… ..we are bound to make a show of our cherished ones.. if your lover only wants to be with you in closed doors run away from him.. tell him you’re in a relationship not a confinement..

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