make-me-bald-1435752881692We have seen too much with our eyes than we have ever seen with our minds. We have thought too much with our minds than we have ever thought with our hearts . THE BIrTH PLACE for REAL PASSION IS IN the HEART. Emotional positioning demands that we do just not only what we feel like doing but doing what we ought to be doing. YOUR FEELIngs tells you what it wants you to do ,but your heart tells you to ask your feelings why it wants you to do it. IF YOU DONT HAVE TO ,THEN YOu dont NEED TO. . Ask Yourself these questions . . Do i hAVE to see her todaY .,DO I have to keep all the money to myself ,do i have live my life this way . . Many questions needs answers but only those that matters which includes those you are struggling with right there . BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHIING MAKe sure YOU CAN DEFEND IT WELL. . the same goes for your feelings and actions . . Ask yourself critical questions and answer them, defend your answers and stage your passion. . TRAIN YOUR PASSION EVER BEFORE STAGING IT . . work on your inside or inward activities to avoid ,poor passions and emotions being displayed . . On a stage full of magnificient crowd ,you are either celebrated or disgraced . depending on the kind of performance you put up. . MAKE YOUR SELF A PASsion CELEBRITY on the stage of life . see everyday like a performance and each of your passions /attitudes as a public display on a stage with other people as your available audience. Some audience pretends not to be watching you whereas they are full attentive concern. WE HAVE ALWAYs MESSED Up On the stage of life, we either talk too much or get inflamed easily ,we have either hated someone or envy their giftings . HMMM. . Do you want to keep ridiculing your self on the stage of life,,i believe your answer is a NO . This is how to be free . . Stage your passion well inside of you before staging it outside of you. . Remember . THE BEST PERFORMANCES OUTSIDE HAD THE BEST TRAINing INSIDE. . . train your passion before staging it . . Watch what you do ,realize that someone somewhere is watching. . . Smile