You need more than just ordinary friends to make the adventurous life experience you have always deserved but never obtained , one other thing I think you will need is to be a friend to yourself, LOVING YOURSELF ESPECIALLY YOUR WEAKNESSES, We have had so much dislike about our facial looks, our natural physics and maybe our complexion, WE HAVE BECOME SO NEGATED THAT WE CAN HARDLY SEE A GOOD OF OUR OWN SELF, therefore we create a consolation for our immediate predicament by seeking for friends to add value to us, you are willing to be directly associated with beautiful , good looking and successful friends, so that you can be regarded as one.. You carry a lowly mentality about your own very self, just because you think you’re not good enough,, EVERYONE IS GOOD LOOKING BUT NOT EVERYONE SEES IT.. If a friend tells you that you’re not good enough may be he or she is blind to your inherent beauties.. DON’T CONDEMN YOURSELF BECAUSE YOU WERE CONDEMNED BY ANOTHER… everyone has the right to say anything about you, just as you have the right to choose which to believe.. FEEL GOOD ABOUT YOU, be a friend to yourself, love yourself at every expense.. YOU WON’T NEED TO SEEK FRIENDS, WHEN YOU HAVE ONE, I mean yourself,,, mind you friends are not to be sought for, but are to be attracted,,, when people see how much you love and care about your own development, growth, competence and benevolence, they would be attracted towards you, even without invitation.. Stop degrading yourself by going from place to place looking for who to make a friend..THIS IS HOW TO FEEL GOOD, love yourself to love others…. Be a friend to yourself to be a friend to others and live vitally …. Smiles