SMILE USome neuroscientists suggest that the brain has a system for positive feelings that stays primed for activity ,causing people to be in upbeat moods more often than negative,and to have a more positive outlook on life. SMILES INDICATES GOOD HEALTH. you dont want to be sick, do you ? Most definitely NO ! You can consciously create for yourself happiness and vitality by maintaining a positive attitude towards life by learning to keep your countenance at its best. YOUR SmILES CAN HEAL ANOTHER MAN’S EMOTIONAL WOUND. Few days after i lost something so dear to my heart i had experienced so much depression until a friend so full of aliveness and radiant outlook approached me and everything turned around just like that. NO SITUATION ON EARTH SHOULD BE ABLE TO ROB YOU OF YOUR SMILES. . i think our face was particularly designed to register positive rather than negative signals and symbol of life.. Smile is more like a lubricant to the facial frictions ,a repair to the despair of emotions,a splendid possession to behold . WAKE UP EACH DAY WITH A SMILE AND CLOSE THE DAY WITH A SMILE . . thats is how to keep each day on the ups all the time . . . Smile up ,stay up