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CHARACTER VIEW 11 — October 13, 2015


Continuity of last piece..

”Just get your self off my new car,, I’ve never met such a useless and senseless woman like you, in all of my life,, I bitterly regret and reject the day I made you my wife,, you are nothing but a quick poison to my human existence ”.. At the peak of anger, Mr Oluchi rained storms of words at his adamant wife, as he forced her out of his vehicle bidding her a final exit out of his life,, after five years of happy living,, how much believable would it look like to Mr Oluchi if he was told five years back that his well behaved wife , would someday turn out an untamed beast of public promiscuity and lewdness,, I gazed fixedly at them both and traipsed away pitifully as I remembered what I saw some few hours ago in LIZZY’s (a female friend)residence whom I caught wriggling and sprawling her nude lap upon the bed with some guys next door.. She used to claim the Holy girl until that revealing day.. I had blizzards of distasteful experience that made me arrive at a conclusion that EVEN CHARACTER CAN BE we seem not to know what really our standard of examinations could be,, whether personality or character.. do I seem to stumbled on confusing you between these two extremes.. Not at all.. This is my point..THE BEST WAY TO GET THE BEST PERSON IS TO MAKE YOURSELF THE’s a natural law of operation that likes attracts likes, and that only what you deserve is what you should make out of your own self.. I overheard a rascal friend who told me he would love to have a pretty easy~going,angel looking lady for a wife,, isn’t that hilarious enough.. EVEN BAD GUYS WANTS THE BEST GIRLS.. if genuinely you want to be safe and free from relationship~related stress and heartbreaks simply WORK ON YOURSELF.. Develop a good character and personality..I met a highly pretty lady last week for which I can’t at least consider for a slave not to mention a wife,, because of her destructive attitude..despite all that, she told me she would love to have a constructive and creative husband.. CAN WATER AND FIRE COHABIT ??.. maybe in the magic world.. If you don’t want your quest of getting an accomplished partner, remain in the magic world make yourself, accomplishEd,, dress smart, eat balanced and work on your behavior.. The wicked knows that he is,, the good knows that he is…. Everything boils down to you. INSTEAD OF SPENDING TIME SEARCHING, WHY NOT STARTING IMPROVING YOURSELF.. If you make the best out of your self you would get the best of them.. Ladies or guys.. This is the wax way…



FCould it be that I was selfish or egotistical in my relations and attitude ??, I don’t think so.. I had tried hard, to retrospect broad enough but yet I never seem to get an answer to the question of WHAT I DID WRONG THAT MADE ME DESERVE SUCH AN UNFAIR TREATMENT FROM HIM.. these are regretfully spoken words properly given off in the moments of intense heart break and emotional disappointment.. She initially perceived how handsome and appealing his whole personality was but now she realized that WHAT MATTERS FIRST IS CHARACTER NOT APPEARANCE.. Upon engaging this guy as an intimate friend, she had a knowledge of how wayward he is, may be LOVE BLINDFOLDED HER.. so much that she couldn’t quit the relationship soon enough..she decided to drift along the shadows of relationship until she was jilted upon by this handsome, innocent looking guy.. LOOKS ARE DECEPTIVE.. To be on the safer side of life focus on character, but to be on the sadder side of life keep seeking for beautiful and handsome personalities.. To sound clearer,, in our choices of future partner, the first thing we’re expected to look out for is such persons With,, emotional maturity,, endurance of hardiness,,, complacency,, attitude toward God,, readiness to forgive ,,a vision ~driven person.. However, straighten, I don’t mean to utterly disregard, the necessity of getting a good looking partner,, but that I think should be secondary and never ultimate.. BEAUTY FADES OUT, BUT CHARACTER ENDURES..why should any wise man, make something temporary and short lived his greatest priority.. THINK.. and besides who decides who is good looking.. THE BEHOLDER… THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN ARE THOSE WITH REFINED CHARACTERS…as a little psychologist I’ve learnt that,, our human perception of the world around us, might not be what we think it might only be another.. So why are you so uptight with something you’re not confidently certain about.. Do you know that.. A GUY COULD BE HANDSOME AND YET STUPID.. just as a lady could be beautiful and yet irritating.. You can always learn to play safe,, on critical issues by making decisions on the right basis and standards .. But hold on can’t character also be deceptive too ??… True or false I would sort that out in my next piece…



I’ve decided at best to keep startling my inner strength and human courage, despite the hampers of hard times and most especially negative words from other people,the truth we must all embrace is that you can’t possibly regulate what people say to you, but you can always regulate how you react to what they say to you.. DON’T EXPECT EVERY ONE TO BELIEVE IN YOUR DREAMS.. people around you especially, those whose mind are relatively shallow or to an extent can’t understand you for who you’re are up there doing nothing more than criticizing your potentials, disarming your essence and undermining your self esteem are only doing what they are good at…this is how I stem my point down to the root of the matter.. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO DEFINE YOUR FUTURE.. If you allow negative words discourage you from efficient performance, you’re going to be losing more than the gain a matter of fact.. IF EVERYONE BELIEVES IN YOUR DREAM, CHECK IT ..IT’S TOO CONVENTIONAL.. big dreams are often strange and almost seemingly impossible for ordinary minds to accept as a probable reality.. YOUR PEERS HARDLY BELIEVE YOU UNTIL YOU DO THE EXTRAORDINARY.. Have you ever taken this deeply thought into the life of successful figures across human history.. Sir Isaac Newton for instance , do you think, his peers could have ever thought of thinking along with him especially those times he was propounding theories that are yet not practicable.. I’m sure they must have seen him as an extravagant braggadocio with little or no sense of mission, lurking around full of impractical writings.. Lol.. Funny enough if you don’t get to school today to study his works, especially science folks, you are nothing to reckon with in your field of study.. THE ONCE DREAMER BECAME THE DREAM OF OUR GENERATION.. You would hear words like.. I want to be like Isaac Newton.. Yes.. Newton now is another man’s dream and model because he stood by his dreams..NO ONE IS READY TO BELIEVE THOSE WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN THEMSELVES.. When people tell you how crude you’re, just look at them in eye and appreciate them.. Never fight those who don’t believe in you,it’s not their fault, it’s only that THEY CAN’T SEE WHAT YOU’RE SEEING… Keep believing in yourself someday, somehow you will get.. there …


PRE ~ THOUGHT — August 18, 2015


With proper pre~thoughts and post~thoughts everyone including no one can achieve a life free of painful regret and self ~blames.. MOST OF OUR REGRETS ARE SIMPLY AVOIDABLE..yes..If only everyone could think before they talk, hardly will non sense be said, or rather if only everyone could think before acting barely will foolishness be displayed.. Mistakes have a strategic manner of blurring our ideals, leaving us in and with a state of perplexity and misdirection.. LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP IS STALE,, today you ought to THINK BEFORE YOU LOOK, THEN YOU FINALLY LEAP.. thinking is an unexplainable power that shapes the entirety of our being, starting from our behavior down to our endeavours,,,, but yet.. THOUGHTS ARE INFLUENCED.. if you allow the negatives to influence your thoughts sooner or later you would have more regrets in your life than happiness.. HARSHNESS RATHER THAN HAPPINESS IS A RESULT OF THOUGHTLESSNESS.. this is how to be a thinker.. Think about YOUR PAST to correct its fault,, think about your PRESENT to do what’s right from those corrections of the past.. Think about YOUR FUTURE to get your self positioned and prepared for it.. In sum.. YOUR PAST DESERVES CORRECTION, YOUR PRESENT DEMANDS PERFECTION, YOUR FUTURE DESIRES PREPARATION.. ALL I’ve just said can only become attainable if you keep thinking deliberately.. Most times we allow our thoughts to control our us,,therefore making us as it wants and not as we want.. YOU’RE TO MAKE YOUR THOUGHTS.. If your thoughts will make you anything it could make you nothing… Lol.. A short-duration video was sent to me my a close friend,,, contained in it, is a mild argument between a father and an enthusiastic but rather unwise young man (his son)who claimed that there isn’t need to call upon an artisan~engineer to see to the electrical fault of a control box, that appeared so complicated,HE CLAIMED HE IS AN ENGINEERING STUDENT.. he actually insisted on thrusting himself towards the panel consisting clusters of nude wires, when suddenly something funny occurred,,,HE GOT slammed by an electric SHOCK,,his dad heard his seemly Razzle~dazzled voice when he asked.. Did it shock you??? then he repLIED with some sort of dumbfounded, puzzled looks… His foolishness rewarded him.. I guess you know the video in question.. It’s a comedy, but yet,,, almost everyone of us plays the role of that engineering student per time.. Remember someone is also laughing at us in the drama of life… FOOLISHNESS IS COMEDY TO THE VIEWER, BUT TRAGEDY TO THE DOER.. The secret to living without having to regret anything is to think knowingly before acting.. Ask yourself IF I DO IT, WHAT WILL BECOME OF ME…




I had just finished consuming a bulky quantity of AWO beans, after a lengthy stretch of tedious encounters at academical activity for the day, I ought to get leaving the room immediately,or get some fast sleep, when a jovial roommate threw up this sarcastic demonstrations that depicts a typical clown, full of passion as though he was going be paid for each performance, surprisingly, not too long after he commenced his hilarious displays a number of my roommates joined him, in the space of some seconds, other floor mates whose attention were parallel struggled their way into my room,in their numbers, you know what!! their hear~breaking uncoordinated ultra sonic voices, and their disarray excitement dominated the room, that I could not in the least hear my self talk,the walls of the room could not explain its own vibrations,, I was almost losing my patience at the sight of AWO boys, making a flamboyant partying out of my room, at first, they seem to me funny people, but later, their persistent rumbling struck me to annoyance,,, I couldn’t stop them, their population and ecstasy was a thing I could not have overcome even at my mightiest attempt.. I just sat down there growing wild and wilder each moment passing by, in my mind, I was thinking of calling the whole thing to an end,,, when I eventually remembered that, I’M NOT AT HOME, I’M AT SCHOOL.. The best way to enjoy other people is to be ready to UNDERSTAND THEM,, especially when they’re not ready to understand you or hear your opinion.. Even if I had wanted to change or correct their human excesses, that moment of high spirited demonstration, wasn’t the best time.. YOU MUST LEARN TO BE FOND OF PEOPLE,, admire them, even when they aren’t admirable, regardless of how pRovoking and inflammable they are,, have it in mind that, EVERYMAN INCLUDING YOU, WERE ONE TIME IMMATURE, so therefore, they would also grow to maturity some day.. No sooner had they wrapped up their incoherent raving than my roommate the dance~originator, came challenging me for not joining in the exciting bash,, reminding me of the fun I missed.. I was really caught up in surprise at that statement,, LOL.. I was expecting, apology, yet he gave me a blast.. To all wisdom of approach, I apologize to him and encouraged him to improve on his dancing skills.. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE.. I was made to feel wrong for doing what’s right.. But yet I tried understanding them, because that’s the only way they can be made to understand me.. TO REALLY ENJOY LIFE,, ENJOY THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU.. If you wish to change them, change yourself first by learning to endure, before repairing….. ENDURE THEM, THEN REPAIR THEM.. Funny enough, we all want to repair first…


THE WISH TRAP — August 10, 2015


For our purpose of systematic understanding let’s just simply take a look at this patch of conversation between two pretty nice friends,..ADE and KEMI.
Ade ~ it’s a good morning to you Kemi.. it’s cools
Kemi ~well, I consent, but as well disagree,, consent just simply to avoid turning down your greeting, and I disagree because there’s absolutely nothing good about the morning.. I feel disgusting and uncertain
Ade ~ well,, I think everything about the morning is good, including your disagreement! ! !
Kemi ~ my disagreement ?? You sound pretty optimistic, not reactive but yet my disagreement is nothing but my opinion
Ade ~ what you just called a mere opinion has almost polluted my own mind too,, in fact,, in the real sense there isn’t anything too good, about the morning but only said it to create a reality for myself… I’M CLAIMING THE OPPOSITE OF MY EXPERIENCE..
Kemi ~ interesting !! Do you mean, even if you were bed ridden with sickness you’d still claim a good morning.. That shows how positive you’re..I REALLY WANT TO BE LIKE YOU..
well, the last statement made from that, simple and commonly structured conversation, drives a lot of importance.. EVERYBODY ADMIRES GOOD QUALITIES, IN GREAT MEN, and wants to be like them.. I’ve met people who frantically expresses their intense desire to be as successful as Bill gate, Malcolm X, bishop oyedepo ,Martin Luther King, Lionel Messi and the likes,, but unfortunately WE ARE ONLY FULL OF WISHES AND NEVER ACTIONS,, it’s nice to invest your admiration into being like others you see a role model in, but it’s nicer to be ready to pay the price.. whether you believe me or not.. GREAT MEN DO THINGS OTHER MEN WISH THEY COULD DO.. it’s the doing that makes them tagged GREAT MEN,,, but it’s the wishing that makes others tagged ordinary men. I believe there’s a burning desire within you to break forth out of the status quo, your comfort zone and your daily routine, to forge a bold step into doing new things YOU HAVE ALWAYS WISHED.. Kemi has just the same capacity or even more to think as positive as Ade, after all, they both have minds to belief right.. I’ll like you to examine your life more closely and determine to rise above mere wishes and move into real actions… Remember..if the words of the Bible were wishes of God to his creature, then it would be unbelievable…. Now ask yourself are you living, believing or living unbelieving.. Don’t wish to answer the question… Do answer it….



I had always wanted to speak like a comedian, never because I wanted anyone to laugh, but critically to make people understand that, THE SOURCE OF TRUE LAUGHTER, is in you,, your decision to laugh isn’t based on the comedian or his prickling jokes, but on your personal willingness to be happy.. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO LAUGH, NOT EVEN BASKET MOUTH CAN MAKE YOU TO.. while if you don’t want to cry, not even problems, harsh circumstances or loses and emotional tides can make you to… Now we can see clearly that WE ARE THE GREATEST DETERMINANT OF OUR LIFE EXPERIENCES.. Nothing can stop you, if you truly want to keep going,nothing can start you when you really want to stop going.. It takes desperation to effect a difference , to maintain the difference and be the difference… Now my question is… Are you different in your generation..

play it — August 1, 2015


During, a meditation stroll across the sport Centre of Obafemi awolowo university, just yesterday’s twilight,I kept moving gracefully from one point, to another, gazing at the ever magnificent Beauty of the surroundings, at the last minutes before my exit, suddenly !!!! a raw idea dropped into my receptive mind,, at first I thought it was just the usual human randomized thinking pattern until later,, do you know that, YOU CAN ALWAYS CREATE YOUR OWN KIND OF MUSIC TO LIFE’S MOVEMENT.. what do I seem to mean,, SALSA is a world famous kind of social dance that originated in Cuba and Puerto Rico… But an interesting fact that switched on my attention was that, the music played along side this song came from another source which is NEW YORK in the mid 1970s..Amazingly, THE DANCE DIDN’T INFLUENCE THE MUSIC.. now this is the point of my confusion,, why would a man or group of people create a particular dance and leave the music to be created by another,, isn’t it a contradiction,or should I rather suppose they felt they weren’t capable of making up a befitting music,. of course NO.. LIFE IS CONSTANTLY, CREATING MOVEMENTS(dances ),, positive or negative,. But then the truth remains that you can always create your own MUSICS and then get along well with your own dance.. But if we refuse to create our own musics, life will play some irregularities into our lives which would require us dancing to it.. you might be facing certain terrible challenges in the areas of your life, it’s nothing but just a created movement of life,, LIFE IS DANCING AT YOU, what you must do is that, you will choose your kind of song, dance to your own song and DANCE BACK AT LIFE.. the truth remains that, life is nothing more than you looking at your self in a mirror ,if you smile it always smile back to you, if you frown it does frown back at you,, if you are experiencing set backs for instance, just assume it’s just a LIFE’S DANCE AT YOU, that has no music,, YOU ARE LEFT ALONE TO CREATE YOU OWN MUSICS.. your music is the kind of thought you play to yourself, while the dance to your music is the action based on courage and determination, to turn your set backs into stepping stones,, YOUR THOUGHTS ARE MUSICS, YOUR ACTIONS ARE DANCES,, YOU ARE THE DANCER DERIVING PLEASURE.. life is meant to be pleasurable and pressurizing ..this is what you must ask yourself am I DANCING TO LIFE’S MUSICS, OR TO MY OWN MUSICS.. if you’re dancing to life’s music you’re a victim, if you’re dancing to your own music you’re a Victor.. Never permit life, to destroy your peaceful living, your nature of happiness.. Think right and act right.. As for me, I’m dancing to my music even when others aren’t… MAKE LIFE MAKE SENSE, OR LIFE MAKES YOU NON SENSE.. you’re never a non sense…..images_16



In this piece I’m resolved to give you a substantial empowerment assuring enough to set your habits under control and never upper control.. I’ll like to start by introducing a psychological term ,AVERSIVE CONDITIONING which is a form of treatment that consist of repeated pairing of a stimulus with a very unpleasant a more understandable manner let me say, it’s a way of associating your unwanted habit with something you hate or detest so much,for the purpose of transferring the same hatred to the unwanted habit.. for instance to reduce over~ drinking, each time a person drinks alcohol beverage he or she also consumes a mixture that causes NAUSEA(A feeling of physical unwellness, usually with the desire to vomit. ) The same goes for every other habit you’re suffering, you can always link it up with the negatives.. Over time your body would react harshly to that habit until it becomes something you can hinder its continuity.. Another way of keeping your habit numbed is through SELF EXPOSURE..this method really helped me during my childhood years, if I find my self doing things that doesn’t support my well being, I simply tell others about it.. SECRETS LEFT UNEXPOSED IS A TROUBLE KEPT UNTOUCHED.. Have you ever asked why, drinkers don’t drink publicly, or harlots do sexing publicly ,because they are more comfortable when covered up and enclosed. Release your tension and distress by telling someone about it especially when about to do it, you would discover that with time PROPER MONITORING KEEPS AN EYE.. and lastly, permit mE to shift a little out of psychology into spirituality the ultimate of humanity existence,, GOD HAS A WAY OF MAKING YOU A WINNER WITHOUT A can always win if only you recognize God as your helper both prayerfully and faithfully.. Belief and pray, that’s the way out… Don’t giveaway.. Stay in faith, HABITS ARE NEVER BIGGER THAN GOD.. It would definitely be a great conclusion to attain by saying.. You’re a natural controller of anything including unwanted habits…


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